Keyme app

Our mobile app is a secure way to copy, share and personalize your keys and solve frustrating lockouts.

Keyme app
  • Brass keys

    Brass Keys

    Skip the trip to the locksmith. Order keys online and get a highly accurate copy of your key delivered right to your door.

  • Custom designs

    Custom Designs

    Customize your keys to reflect your personality. Sports teams, movie characters, designer skins and more!

  • Hi performance keys

    Hi-Performance Keys

    Our patented technology can streamline your key, ensuring a smoother entry into the lock.

  • Lockouts


    Save a key on our platform, print it at a kiosk with just a fingerprint scan.

  • Sharing


    Easily share a digital copy of your key with friends, family, roommates or renters.

  • Accessories


    From emergency chargers to bottle openers, our key app accessories have got you covered.