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Get the most accurate copies, in the most convenient places. Copy any key for home, office, vehicle, RFID & more!

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KeyMe is the revolutionary new technology allowing you to copy spare keys, save & share existing keys and solve frustrating lockouts. Get the App, or visit a key copying Kiosk today!

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Scan your keys in our mobile app, choose a design, and we'll mail you a perfect copy

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Instantly duplicate your keys using our automated kiosk or print a saved key if locked out

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Copy keys from the comfort of your couch

Download our mobile app, save your key to our secure platform, and get a spare key delivered right to your door. Locked out? Print your key at one of our convenient kiosk locations using just a fingerprint. Your key, accessible anywhere.

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Avoid repeat trips to the locksmith. Traditional locksmiths manually trace your keys. Our patented technology digitally scans your key and creates a perfect duplicate aligned to factory specifications, guaranteed to work. Your key, only more accurate.

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Match your key to your personality.

Swap your brass key for one of our custom keys, including sports teams, movie characters, designer keys and even a bottle opening key. Your key, only more personal.

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Easily share your key when needed. Save your key on our platform, then easily share it with friends and family via email. You'll get notified when it's been delivered and accepted. Your key, easily shared.

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We take security seriously

The most secure way to copy keys.

  • * Data Storage: We do not store information linking your key with a location or lock. We also delete mailing address once the order has been shipped.
  • * Scanning Keys: To prevent "flyby" pictures, we require that keys be placed on white paper, and pictures taken of both sides from 4" away.
  • * Verified Users: All transactions are verified with a credit card. Additionally, we require email verification for mobile and fingerprint submissions for kiosk.
  • * Activity Updates: Anytime there is activity on your account, we send an email alert so you always know how your key is being used.

"A solution that's easy and affordable... making frustrating lockouts a thing of the past" Refinery29